Episode 26:  Lost arts of YMPs #TheArtofBeingYourself

In a world that's constantly trying to change us, how many us are masters at #TheArtofBeingYourself? In this mini series, Keke addresses the issues that plague our confidence and how that affects our networking ability. All YMPs want to be GREAT and want to know THE PLUG but our generation has lost a few things along the way. Keke speaks on four lost arts and presents the first #TheArtofBeingYourself Challenge to help us all become better friends, family members, but most importantly a better SELF!

Be sure to take notessssss and leave your comments about the four lost arts! 

Intro Music: "Geechie Low country" by American Foreign (Produced by ApolloTone)

Listen to his full album "7even 7ummers" on Apple Music, Tidal, Google Play, Spotify and more by searching AMERICAN FOREIGN.


Keep a conversation? Keke isn't new to this. Join in as she tells you about the journey to New Geechee, and how she plans to help you "get your life" with season one

Episode 2: #NewGeecheeFitnessChallenge

Many YMPs are NOT actively creating fitness goals. With #Summer17 around the corner, it is about time we focus on creating a healthier lifestyle. Listen to personal trainer Brian Murdaugh (@limitsarenonexistent) tell us how to get our fitness life together!
Join us as we take on the #NewGeecheeFitnessChallenge for the next 14 days!

Episode 3: #IHatePolitics

Even if you hate politics as much as Keke does, you still have a great responsibility to be involved in the political process! Listen up as Keke talks with Senior Political Advisor Kenneth McClary about politics and his push to GET OUT THE VOTE! Be at the polls on or before November 8th!

Have questions for Kenneth? Email him at and follow his Facebook page 'Kenneth L. McClary' to follow his political story.

Episode 4: #BlackPeopleDontGoOutdoors

In 2016, Keke declared an exciting year of travel and adventure! Learn how she leveled up with adventure enthusiast Ezedube Eze and how you can get your outdoors game up while seeing the world!

Have dope travel and adventure pictures? Follow @TheBlackOutdoors on IG and Facebook and use #BlackOutdoors to be featured on their page!

Episode 5: #WritetheVISIONMakeitPlain

Keke had a vision for New Geechee but without a vision board she would have never taken the leap to get it started! Have you ever made a vision board for your life? Listen as visionary and founder of AaRC Collections Adrienne Carter talks about how vision boards made her God dreams come true and how she is empowering YMPs to see their life beyond today!

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Episode 6: #BEtheChange

In the season of giving, the greatest gift we can provide is service to others! Tune in as Marcus Curry, Founder of Beyond Excellence 356 informs us about how we can impact communities and exemplify leadership through service! Join in on the #12DaysofService by using the hashtag! “Be the change you wish to see in the world”- Mahatma Ghandi

Get involved with Beyond Excellence 356! 
Facebook: Beyond Excellence 356
Instagram: @BeyondExcellence356

Episode 7: The 6 Lessons and Blessings of 2016

Welcome back to New Geechee Season 2! Take a seat and let's talk about how far New Geechee has come since its launch! Keke will share the 6 lessons and blessings that she has learned along the way. This information will help you if you are looking to start a business, desire to grow an existing business, or need the inspiration to get started! A free download of the notes are available, be sure to get your copy! 

Episode 8: 10 Ways to Upgrade Your Sanctuary

Beloved YMP, you spend way too much time in your bedroom. It should be fueling you to be the best YMP you can be. Listen up as Keke gives you a few ways to upgrade your sanctuary so that you can stop living like a college student! Be sure to check out the free summary download! 

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Episode 9: When my Blackness was AWAKENED #8ShadesofMelanin

Black History Month is upon us and this episode will remind you of when your blackness was awakened! Keke sits down to chat with one of the most intelligent “brothas” she knows Gibran Whitted, to talk about everything from the HBCU experience, community economics, advice he would give each member of the black family, black love and so much more! Before it ends, he drops a top 5 fundamental reading list for melanated people and in the “60 Seconds of Blackness”, confirms the importance of rice with collard greens!  A MUST LISTEN!

Episode 10:Positive Black Experiences through Hip Hop with Kool Dre

You can’t celebrate Black History Month without celebrating black music! This YMP didn’t just want to rap, he desired to change the way hip hop culture presents black males. His music is full of positive vibes and after years of compressing his talent once his mom found his rhyme book, he is finally making his music dreams a reality and is taking his career to the next level! Tune as Keke chats with DeAndre Richburg, known as Kool Dre to talk about creating vibey music experiences, how he changed the game with dreads at Disney, how he loves Harriet Tubman and so much more! An episode full of good vibes and two childhood friends talking about their humble beginnings!

To catch the Kool vibes, be sure to visit and check out his first music video “Errr-day”. Stay tuned for upcoming music projects, merchandise and more! Follow on IG @kool_dreSoundcloud as Kool Dre and Youtube as Andreas Fault

Episode 11: The Hair Wrap Lifestyle with Anneke Marie of HerStoriWraps #8ShadesofMelanin

Every day is a great day to rock your hair wrap Queens! For one Cali girl, she decided to show support with to the young ladies in Florida whose school banned their hair wraps and natural hair styles and started #WrapWednesdays. This support created a demand for hair wraps and she rose to the occasion to deliver! Anneke of HerStori Wraps is using her business to empower women and men to look and feel good as well as educate them about African wrap culture! In this interview, we talk about how she didn’t know how to sew but started a whole business, natural hair and locs, supporting black owned businesses and so much more! This episode is full of laughs and black girl magic!

Wrap your hair each and every Wednesday and use #WrapsWednesdays, tag @herstoriwraps to be featured on her page. Follow @herstoriwraps on Instagram and Facebook and also visit to get your hairwraps, pocket squares, and bandanas! Join the 365 Days of Wraps by submitting your hair wrap photos and why you wrap to and get featured on the campaign!

Episode 12: Clothing for the Culture with Victor of BOSHOK Clothing Line #8ShadesofMelanin

Melanated people have always been stylish and love making statements with their fresh gear! For one college student, it was important that he was able to express his Nigerian culture and didn't see much that appealed to him. So after talking to his brother, he went home, made a few sketchs and six years later BOSHOK, Blood of Slaves Hearts of Kings is still thriving as one of the premiere clothing lines out of Arizona! Listen in as Keke speaks with Victor to find out about his entrepreneurial journey which started at young age selling Jolly Ranchers, how he started selling shirts out of his trunk, and all the highs and lows of starting your own business! This episode will remind you why wearing culturally inspired clothing will not only make you feel great but push you towards doing greater things in your life! 

Be sure to check out to grab some gear and join the #BOSHOKLife movement! Follow them on Instagram, Twitter, and  Facebook at @boshokclothing as well as Snapchat @BoshokLife! Don't forget to follow the BOSHOK Journey on Youtube @BoshokLife and watch the Building An Empire (BAE) series! Stay tuned for pop-up shops coming to a city near you! 

Episode 13: Our youth deserves the truth with Daphnie Glenn, Author of Brown Boy Book #8Shadesof Melanin

Reading is fundamental and as children we all had one favorite book we’ll never forget! In 2017, the black community has experienced too many deaths of young brown boys and it’s time for us as people to begin talking to our youth about how the world views them. Daphnie Glenn said enough is enough,put her pen to paper and wrote a book titled Brown Boy while beginning a movement to for everyone to #StarttheConversation. Listen to Daphnie talk about the journey towards writing this book, how YMPs can get involved with our youth and all the great things she has in store to continue to empower our youth in informing them about how they can be great in this world!

Head on over to to grab a copy for your child or even as a gift for a child you know! Contact Daphnie Glenn at to schedule your school appearances and workshops! Continue the movement and join the #StarttheConversation wave by purchasing a shirt, bag or even a coffee mug from thw website! Lastly, follow @brownboybook on IG and Facebook and Daphnie on IG as @miss_glenn.

Episode 14: Your Dreams are WORTH IT with Ebone Johnson of Modern Day Muse #8ShadesofMelanin

It’s our job to operate in purpose at all times, so that others may see what that authenticity looks like! With only one life to live, your dreams are worth going after. Ebone Johnson, the Head Muse in Charge from Mississippi decided to bet on herself and take the leap into the world of entrepreneurship. From Rejected Thrifts to Modern Day Muse, this woman has her hands in everythinggggggg! Although she has her hands in many places, each and every one of her hustles are in alignment with the vision that kept her up in the midnight hour of ART LIFE and FASHION!  Her mantra? No matter what you do, be sure that you hustle intentionally. This episode is POWERFUL and is for everyone who needs a pep talk on being honest with yourself, understanding purpose lies in your passions and betting on yourself every single time! Tune in NOW!

“Experience” all of Ebone by following her on IG @md_muse and on Facebook as ‘Modern Day Muse’. Interested in an attending a sip and paint party? Visit to book your seats in on one of our classes or to book your private parties! To see all the art fun, follow @yourartparty on IG and on Facebook. Follow @PhxHBCUConnect to stay connected with all the dope events planned for the year!  

Episode 15: Your Talents Mean Business with Vaughn Brathwaite of Organ Made Eady #8ShadesofMelanin

What happens when you’re the only student at Berklee College of Music who can assist your peers through hard courses? You start teaching lessons! When demand rose for his golden assistance, Vaughn Brathwaite also rose to the occasion and gave his clients what they needed most- an online course accessible for all levels of learning how to play the organ. His love affair with the Hammond organ and love for playing crazy chords fueled him to make a solid career out of his talents. now serves thousands of students around the globe and has allowed him the freedom to live his life while still serving in the music ministry. The value of having tunnel vision and powerful mentors were key in Vaughn’s current success. Tune to this episode as Keke dives into the way Vaughn thinks so that you too, can accomplish every single goal you have set for your life!

Want to learn how to play the organ? Need to step up your crazy gospel chords? Be sure to visit to learn more about the course and to score a free lesson! Don’t forget to follow Organ Made Easy on Facebook as well!

Episode 16: The 8th Shade of Melanin #8ShadesofMelanin

Black History Month is over but we have one last shade of melanin in the series. This episode is going to recap some of the great highlights of the 7 shades while conducting the final interview with YOU, YMP! So make sure you sit down in the hot seat and get ready for your very own interview! Be sure to check out the download "The 8th Shade" so you can be prepared for your next (and BEST) interview!

Episode 17: It's Tax Season with Jerry McPherson of The Mathias Group

We all have them and we all hate them- that's right TAXES! This year, lighten your burden and get the professional help from someone who looks and thinks just like you at The Mathias Group, a group dedicated to accounting and financials for individuals AND small businesses. Listen as Keke talks to Jerry McPherson "The Millenial CPA" and Forty Under 40 recipient to talk about the journey from Castle Hill in the Bronx, to Atlanta and now Phoenix, Arizona where he sees the opportunities for all of us to get our piece and the unprecedented interconnection of business! With years of experience in real estate, promotions companies, and conducting as a small time venture capitalist, Jerry is the man who can help you take your dream from having no capital to actual fruition! Be sure to listen to his top 5 advice for YMPs during this tax season!

Be sure to visit to get all your tax and small business questions answered. Follow @themathiasgroup on IG and Facebook! Visit the firm at 668 N 44th Street Suite 300 Phoenix, AZ 85008 or give them a call at 602.685.1133 !

Episode 18: You Got the Juice Now #BlackGirlJuiceBox

Stop denying it... you know you got the juice! Episode 18 kicks off the #BlackGirlJuiceBox series where we will talking with some dope Black Girl Magic creatives! In this episode, we'll talk about what it means to have the juice, why it is important to recognize it, and we'll end with a Top 5 of What It Means to Own Your Juice!!!

Clips from:

-"I got so much magic, you can have it" by Solange from A Seat at the -Table, 2016
-"You got the juice now, man" from Juice, 1992

Episode 19: Black Girls Brunch w/ Gaybrielle Gant of BlackGirlMagicPhx #BlackGirlJuiceBox

No-one can brunch like black girls can! The beautiful story of Black Girl Magic Phoenix begins with two young ladies each looking to start a movement of creating spaces where black women can organically create magic together! WE ARE BETTER TOGETHER! Gaybrielle Gant sits in the guest chair and talks about her love for Spelman College, her divine union with co-founder Deanna Reid to create BGMPhx, and how they have hosted multiple sold out brunch experiences "where strangers become sister-friends". This episode is full of MAGIC and you DO NOT WANT TO MISS IT! 

Be sure to follow @blackgirlmagicphx and @blackgirlsbrunch on Instagram to stay tuned for more events hosted by this dynamic duo! Their website, is full of great upcoming events, black girl features and dynamic blogs to keep your black girl magic cup full! 

Episode 20: The Writer's Juice w/ Keonta Ramsey of Eloquence Unlimited LLC  #BlackGirlJuiceBox

When life throws us lemons, we have to make the best lemonade! After being laid off from her medical job, Keonta Ramsey knew it was time to do life differently. She turned a childhood passion for writing into a business that has helped several clients make A's in courses and even receive their dream jobs! Listen in to find out more about this gift and the story that led up to the creation of Eloquence Unlimited, LLC! They specialize in all of your writing needs from resumes to email correspondence. She will empower you to be confident in writing because we all have something to say while also dropping why black girl magic took some time to grow on her! 

Need help boosting your resume? Editing a research paper? Calligraphy work? Be sure to contact the experts at Eloquence Unlimited by calling or texting 843.507.3011, or email Be sure to follow @eloquence_unlimitedllc on Instagram! Website coming soon! 

Episode 21: It's Woman Crush Wednesday Juice with Danielle Outen of Black Singles in CLT #BlackGirlJuiceBox

Dating in 2017 as a millennial can be a great challenge! Danielle Outen has decided to leave corporate America to manage the Black Singles in CLT platform. Every week she features a Man Crush Monday/Woman Crush Wednesday and is planning some dope events around the city for singles to mingle. She doesn't stop there- she also has some collaborations in the works to bring weekly black trivia and Girls Night Out events. We talk about some of the millennial dating struggles, why "thirsty" is such a controversial term, and touch on women proposing to men! Of course, she explains what black girl magic means to her and when she realized she possessed it! Tune in now and share with a friend!

Connect with Danielle and her many ventures! @BlackSinglesinCLT on Facebook and Instagram to find your next lover and events for singles, @BedroomKandibyDani to plan your next adult event, and @OutenLove for your creative consulting needs.

Episode 22: The Magic in Hello with Josie Jackson of Hello Silhouette #BlackGirlJuiceBox

Where fashion meets life....where southern meets the desert-- say hello to fashionista and Sheabassador Josie of Hello Silhouette blog! Just one year into her latest blog adventure, she has been recognized as a top blogger in the Phoenix area! Listen in to this beautiful episode with this beautiful guest as we talk about a bloggers busy life, how you can become a dynamic blogger and her latest achievement being selected as a Sheabassador for Shea Moisture! She is magical and you don't want to miss this episode!

For all things fashion and life, subscribe to the Hello Silhouette blog at Be sure to follow her on Instagram and Facebook @HelloSilhouette and start some conversation with her on twitter @Hell0_Silhouette!

Episode 23: Back to our Hair Roots with Candace Mitchell of Techturized, Inc. #BlackGirlJuiceBox

Who says you can't bring technology and hair care together? Meet Candace Mitchell who decided five years ago to leave her corporate job with Coca-Cola and pursue her vision of becoming an entrepreneur! She has the all the juice when it comes to developing innovative ideas and building successful business! Candace's story is one of challenge, triumph and truly a testament that we will never know what we can be if we don't stretch our capacity! She is the CEO and Co-Founder of Techturized, Inc. where the Myavana Hair Care services are changing the game for women all over the world! This journey has awarded Candace with honors such as Forbes 30 Under 30, Sephora Accelerate Program participant, BET's Next in Class STEM award and so much more! Don't believe me? Just take a listen to this dynamic interview, catch these gems and be corrected by the expert on the top 5 things you can do to care for you hair! 

Be sure to visit to learn more about Candace, purchase her ebook "The Shift" and book her for speaking engagements! To get back to your hair roots, be sure to connect with Myavana at, and @myavanahaircare across all social media! 

Episode 24: Fine Like Wine, The 27 Year Old Juice #BlackGirlJuiceBox

"HAPPPY BIRTHDAYYY TO YAA" *in my Stevie Wonder voice* AHHHH! I just crossed over into my "upper twenties" ! Although it feels dusty, 27 is the year of aging like fine wine! As I continue to get wiser (and finer), I take the time to drop some real advice from my personal life--the 6 tips from the year of 26! I also share  a quick birthday reflection that will help you continually pursue more from your life! May this episode give you the motivation to continue to live your best life always!

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Episode 25: Black Mother Magic with Suma Hodge of The Licensed Mom #BlackGirlJuiceBox

Being a mother is not easy task---being a young melanated professional mother is even harder! Balancing your career, academic and social life while raising another human being is one act that deserves a round of applause. As a licensed therapist, Suma Hodge, MS LAC has been able to use her passion for counseling and experiences as a mother to bring The Licensed Mom blog as well as Mommy and Mimosa's Brunch event. She desires to help women transition through motherhood while never losing self identity! Take a listen as we talk about Suma's tough pregnancy, her tenacity to give her daughter her best life, and the influence her own mother has on her life! We even take the time to talk about mental health in the African American community and why we need to stop telling our loved ones to simply "pray about it". Definitely an episode to inspire you even if you are not a mother!!!!

Be sure to subscribe to The Licensed Mom blog at Check out her two featured pieces "Don't Shoot, I'm Grieving" and "Why Suffer in Silence" which were both featured in the Arizona Informant newspaper!