"Oh, they wouldn't pick me." #Getoutofyourownway

I felt it in my spirit this morning to share something that has moved me in a way that I can’t really explain but I’m going to do my best! If you like this post, make sure to hit the 'heart' at the bottom.

Over the last few days, Spotify has released the opportunity of a LIFETIME for women of color. With an awareness for the lack of women of color voices in podcasting, they have decided to open up 10 spaces for an all-expense paid boot camp in New York City! At the conclusion, they are dropping bags for three women to make their podcast dreams a reality.

Can I be SUPER honest with you all?

When I read it, I absolutely automatically disqualified myself? “Oh, they wouldn’t pick me.”

But then, atleast 15 people reminded me of who I am and what I'm working towards.

People who I didn’t even know knew I had a podcast sent me this link or tagged me in post promoting this opportunity. I tremble at the thought that people thought enough of me to say, "go for it" and that I would be good enough.

Who the hell am I to think I am not though? #realQTNA

Who the hell am I to think I am not though? #realQTNA

New Geechee and having the ability to raise this platform that inspires, celebrates, and connects young melanated professionals is something that I hardly get sleep about! This is not a drill, this is my life! This is my dream that I've been working on for the last year and half.  For me to undermine my ability to fulfill my dream when such a great opportunity presented itself was beyond ridiculous, but it presents a bigger issue of mine that is... fear still has the ability to hold me hostage. It probably is holding you hostage too.

But in all honesty, do you often think you’re not cut out for something that seems so big? Are you fearful to reach success?

God reminds us that He does not call the qualified, He qualifies the called. If you listened to the latest show Episode 48: Now Loading Keiona 2.0, you may have heard me share that I know for a fact I’m transitioning into a different space. Truth is, I’ve played small for some time now, and need to activate my magic and THINK BIGGER. I need to activate the momentum I had when I applied for college scholarships and my first year of college. I was UNSTOPPABLE.  I was DETERMINED. NOTHING was too big for me accomplish. Anybody else feel me?



If you’ve been restless and fighting against yourself like I have- just STOP! Go for it. Shoot for that dream. Send that email. Start that blog. Call that person. Visit that place. Don’t fight the process of evolution and making bigger things happen in your life.

If you’ve been restless and fighting against yourself like I have- just STOP!

I can go on and on and on about the opportunities I felt were too big for me that I have allowed to pass me by, and I can even go on for even more days about the big opportunities I never got but I know WHAT IS FOR ME, IS FOR ME...and it will never pass me by! 

And this weekend I was reminded of this by a story that gave me the fire to get started on the application for the Spotify bootcamp.

Just two weeks ago, my line sister, the same one who told me, “you should start a podcast” successfully defended her dissertation at the University of Florida. She now works for Intel and became the first black woman in her department to earn her Ph.D! She is BIG TIME and I could not begin to tell you how proud I am of her (no worries- we are going to capture this whole story via podcast)! Well, she came to visit me and the intervention could not have been more divine. 

There was ONE MAJOR OPPORTUNITY she didn’t let pass her by that afforded her the opportunity to earn all three of her degrees— the Gates Millennium Scholarship. Bill and Melinda, thank you for helping minority students all across the world obtain their higher education goals.

We were in the middle of a conversation about exposure and sharing opportunities for children to be successful while in high school. Out of my own disappointment of not knowing about the scholarship until after the deadline, something told me to ask her how did she find out about this scholarship opportunity? When she told me, my whole jaw dropped.

She said to me, one day while at school she saw many people around her shuffling to get things done and she had no idea what they were doing. She simply asked them what were they doing and they all replied, that they were getting their materials for their Gates applications, which was a full ride scholarship, which was also due at the end of the week.

She could have said I don’t have enough time. She could have thought the opportunity was too big for her to pursue in such a short amount of time. But instead, she pulled herself up by her bootstraps and got her application completed by the end of the week.

Still grateful to the teachers who wrote recommendations and friends who helped review her essays, she submitted that application on time and was THE ONLY PERSON from her high school to receive that scholarship.


If this doesn't inspire you to DO IT ANYWAY, I have no clue what will.

It’s Q2, the start of April, and we have the power within us to fulfill any dreams that seem too large for our own understanding. There are people out there, who believe in you and need you to live out your purpose.

Thanks Dr. France Jackson. You didn’t even know what that conversation did for me.

Thank you to each of you who shared the Spotify opportunity with me. 

Thanks Spotify for diversifying the podcast world and helping women of color be heard.

Thank you God for Jeremiah 29:11... "For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."

On that note young melanated professionals, please get out of your own way AND MAKE YOUR DREAMS A REALITY!


PS. I will be submitting that Spotify application today-- wish me luck!