The People's Choice: Community Built Playlists

To know Keke, is to know that she LOVES music!

In fact, as a child, I had cousins that called me “Jukebox” because I also knew the words to all the songs. (I equally knew my school work as well)

I was lowkey teased because I used to listen to ALL genres of music and was a big fan (and still am) of pop music.

I was the go-to girl for all your mixed cd needs in high school!

Anddddd I have messed a hard drive (or two) up from downloading too much Kazaam and Napster!

So its only right to share my passion for music everytime I can with the New Geechee Family!

So far, we’ve built two incredible playlists together.

Feel free to add me as a friend on Spotify @soliloquy16, as I am alwaysssss creating playlists of music and look to create more community playlists that connect us! I have everything from Gospel Hits to Strip Club Anthems! There is something for everyone!

So many of us have a negative relationship with money! May this playlist promote a healthier and positive mindset about getting to the bag this year!

Presenting…. $$$$ ! (click to open)

That one time, we all shared the songs that make us feel our BEST!

Presenting…. THE SELF LOVE mixtape! (click to open)