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We #AspireforAshlyn on #WorldSickleCellDay


Today and everyday, we #AspireforAshlyn ♥️... to be able to live the beautiful, full life that she deserves. She is a WARRIOR! More than a CONQUEROR! The epitome of #BlackGirlMagic! Our prayer is that her “magic marrow”, graciously given from her big sister Alayna, will grant her the opportunity to live a life that is #sicklecellfree!

If you didn’t know, today is the 10th celebration of #WorldSickleCellDay, as well as #Juneteenth ✊🏾! Sickle Cell Disease.... more than 100,000 Americans affected. 1 in 13 Black/AfricanAmerican babies are born with the sickle cell trait.

Ashlyn was diagnosed one month after she was born in 2016. 
Late 2018, her entire family (Mom, Dad, Two sisters and dogs) packed up and moved to the Lowcountry to consider bone marrow transplant. Ashlyn’s mom and I have been best friends since the third grade!

March 2019, the process officially began at the Medical University of South Carolina. 
May 2, Ashlyn celebrated her third run around the sun.

May 15, big sister Alayna undergoes bone arrow extraction. Ashlyn undergoes officially surgery to receive bone marrow.

The 30 day countdown comes and slowly goes as Ashlyn undergoes post chemo symptoms.

And now the wait.... to ensure that Ashlyn’s body will accept the bone marrow and form sickle cell free blood cells. Soon, the Shells will find out this news. We claim it is already done! •
This is just the abbreviated version of her story. There is SO much more and what sickle cell does for children and their families.

Join me today in celebrating victory for little Mis Ashlyn! She has endured what so many of us will never have to experience. But through it all, she and her family have remained STRONG, ENCOURAGED, and PERSISTENT in giving her fighting chance at life!

How can you show support to this family?
1: Follow their journey on Facebook at “Aspirations For Ashlyn” and drop a inspiring word for her! 
2: Read/Educate/Share the stories covered on her and those living with sickle cell! 
3:Show love to the family by donating to their GoFundMe as they conquer many unexpected costs.