The Vision of the GREAT 28!

This is dedicated to my amazing best friend Ashley Wright, who out of the blue on Saturday told me I should blog because she thought I did a great job with my Blavity feature. So I put my fingers to my keyboard and made it happen... Here goes...

“God bless those twenty somethings”-- I honestly couldn’t have said it any better than SZA did!  

Being a 20 something has not been a crystal stair, but it has definitely been worth this crazy journey! I just know it! The lessons of it all could do nothing more than catapult the life that I have always dreamed of, right?

The life I’ve always wanted? What does that even look like? I’m making it, but there is nothing to brag about. I barely decided on a major in college and have recently started my third career in five years. I’m single, I don’t own a home, and I’m still not a CEO.

These are all the things society tells us that we MUST accomplish in our 20s. Sometimes I foolishly believe that I have nothing to show for these last five years and then I remember… I’m in no one’s race but my own. My life is progressing at the exact rate it is supposed to. I still have my entire life ahead of me.

And although sometimes I can’t put my vision of “success” in the perfect words, I know that I SEE SUCCESS! As we go into the New Year it is important to have an idea of what we would like to see manifested in our lives. So I found it to be a great last minute idea to attempt a vision board alone on December 29th. Putting my vision board together versus recording a podcast episode or writing a list of resolutions was perhaps the perfect way to capture what I envision 2018 to look like!

When someone asks us, “What are your resolutions”, it’s so easy to default to an immaculate answer of what your future life will look like- retirement, marriage, kids and grandkids, a big house, shiny cars the list goes on. But dear 20 something, these years are the most volatile and beautiful! You are free as a bird and in most cases, get to choose your own adventure! It’s important not to miss the value of these years exploring the world, trying shit out even if it fails, and building the foundation of your adult life with the lessons you’ll learn along the way.

(Back to my vision board… )

I am really proud that I took the time to think about 2018. What I found to be interesting is how much of 2017 helped construct the vision of the next year; the pain that I can’t explain, the lessons that brought wisdom, the people who gave me hope, and even the truths that I found out about myself! My vision board takes the thoughts I can’t put into words and makes them plain Jane.

So, if you also find it hard to put your vision into words, I’m begging you to grab some magazines, a bottle (or two) of wine and take your time gathering the very thoughts of your mind and paste them onto a less than $1 board. This visual representation is far greater than any words could explain. When you finish it, hang it somewhere you’ll see it daily to remind you of what is to come! You will be encouraged daily by your vision that your year will manifest all that you desire to attain!


Welcome to my vision 2018! Allow me the opportunity to highlight what this year’s vision entails (bold italicized texts can be found on the board):

  • Arizona- I’m outta here!  Sometimes you have to let go to live. Do you see in the top left, Where do YOU want to go next? I’ve been contemplating leaving the great state of Arizona for more reasons than one. Over the course of my relocations, I found that I love experiencing the culture and richness of other worlds outside of my comfort zone. It seems that I have grown way too comfortable with this space I’m in currently. I’ve learned so much about myself here and I thank God for this opportunity but sometimes you just know. I have no clue what is next but I have to follow my curiosity and to continue living a fun, fearless life!


  • SELF-CARE OVER EVERYTHING! Physically, spiritually and mentally; self-care will be a top priority!!! Do you need to destress more? Hell yes! I’ve been barely making it as a bag lady, carrying weight never intended for me to carry. This year I will getting fit and becoming mindful with exercise, therapy and growing with God! Self-care is also much about dealing with issues.  For many years I’ve swept a lot of things under the rug and now it’s time to address them so I can live my best life! To heal from pain and build a beautiful mind! I owe it to my future.


  • I’m going to be a TIMELESS woman. Janelle Monae, Solange, Erykah Badu and Issa Rae are all different but one thing is true amongst them—they will never go out of style! How can I not win with this type of SLAY in my DNA?  My heart thanks each of these bold women for showing this young, gifted and black girl that ANYTHING is possible. Dream it, dare it, do it! No matter what levels of success I am able to obtain in this life, it is my desire to never change at the core of who I am. These women epitomize authenticity in more ways than one!


  • It’s time to BOSS up. I’ve been gifted with solid socialite genes- I’m a born social climber and it’s time to have my gifts make a way for me! Someone told me this year “you’d be so dope in PR (public relations)”. Truthfully, I didn’t even know what PR was but after exploring it, I’ve been naturally sharing public relations for others my entire life! How can I jump into this space from only occupying sales careers? I have no idea- but we all know it’s possible to gain success without a road map! Want nothing, attract everything- word to Myleik Teele for dropping that gem! Someone also told me “You should write more”.  So, I’m writing it all down from poems I construct in my mind to brain dumps in 2018 (thanks to everyone who poured into me with journals this year). Lastly, I plan to continuing sharing HOPE one success story at a time with my New Geechee podcast! I love telling stories and believe there is power in sharing the success of others! As I continue to navigate and find my way in sharing my voice with the world, I’ll also continue finding my real voice. I do believe that there is a deeper story that I am charged to share in due time.


  •  I’m getting money. 2017 taught me a few lessons in the money department. After leaving a  lucrative career in sales to hustling with two contract worker positions, I learned really quickly how to spend and save wisely. I spent much of the year in the trenches but I’ll use what I learned this year to make 2018 a year of saving, more paid opportunities, and practicing better financial management habits like the Cash Diet. I’m getting all of my coins this year and I will not allow my past thoughts of thinking I wasn’t worthy of more money, to hold me back either! BROKE NO MORE!


  • Great 28! 27 felt like a struggle when in reality, God was trying to make me see a number of things from a new point of view. I became even more emotional at 27, I also hustled my ass off at 27. This was the first birthday I decided to spend time alone to reflect on my life’s journey and traveled alone! The Grand Canyon was EVERY-THING but I see sunnier skies and endless waters for 28. The ocean and I have an unexplainable bond; it proves to me that there are no limits in how far I can go in this life. Being in landlocked, hot ass hell Arizona has also made me appreciate my alone time with water so much more.

Last but not least, I am going to be UNSTOPPABLE in 2018! In every way possible, in every way imagined! May we all have the year of our visions! Leave a comment and let me know what you also plan to manifest!