CommUNITY in Millennial Culture

Photo credits: @dimexphotography of

Photo credits: @dimexphotography of

By Kelyne Noel -Miss Cameroun AZ 2018

In short, there is more commUNITY in the millennial culture than there has EVER been in any other generation.

Millennials and WHY they matter

Millennials, born between 1980 and 2000, are entering the workforce in large numbers and with this, comes the charge for them to change the world we live in. Attracting the best of these millennials is critical to the future of many organizations (ex: influencers, brand ambassadors, and promoters).

Their aspirations, attitudes about work, work ethics, customer service skills, and most importantly their knowledge and use of technology is setting them up to define the rest of the 21st century.

Aside from being a generation powered by genius and opportunity, the millennial population is also one of the largest generations globally. All of these factors considered, this is the perfect time for millennials to be heard, as they aim to make the world a better place.

This is the perfect time for millennials to be heard, as they aim to make the world a better place.

"84% of millennials consider it their duty to make a positive difference through their lifestyle, while 61% are concerned about the state of the world and feel personally responsible to improve it" (1). Working for a cause has become an integral part of their lives, making the unity between them stronger than ever. Personally, I have never met a group of people that ban together better than 18 - 38 year olds today. Instead of just making charitable donations, they integrate their causes into their daily lives, and seek to  join large movements whose goals are to help solve social and environmental problems. Social media and technology has definitely been a giant player in this mindset. We remain constantly connected to each other through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social networks that we use to speak up about EVERYTHING.


Millennials have stringent expectations when making donations. They want to know exactly how their money is being used and what impact it’s intended to make. Using technology to communicate impact is more important to millennials as compared to other generations. Not knowing whether an organization is making an impact will push millennials to stop donating. Also, if they don’t feel a personal connection with the organization or the cause, they are less likely to donate to it.


Entrepreneurs for a cause.

Often finding themselves with much more time than money, millennials use their time to volunteer. This may not necessarily mean they go pick up trash on the side of the road or go to the soup kitchens (which they still do). Instead they volunteer their time rallying behind certain efforts, spreading knowledge on social media, and organizing movements. Entrepreneurs for a cause. Hydrate/ and feed homeless during rough times, collecting water to donate to Flint Michigan victims, #BlackLivesMatter, and boarding a flight to help hurricane efforts are just a few of the movements I know are led by millennials.


Again, millennials want to feel they are a part of a movement. In comparison, Baby Boomers were focused on leaving behind a legacy after retirement, while millennials want to get involved in social movements from an early age.

Millennials are happy living and working together. Collaboration is highly emphasized in most millennial communities in the workforce and in their daily lives while pursuing their goals. We truly believe that there’s enough money out there for everyone, and collaboration will bring about the best results in everything we do. Millennials are concerned about passing down knowledge as well as creating generational wealth. We are the smartest, well rounded, culturally aware, uplifting, and accepting generation to date.

We truly believe that there’s enough money out there for everyone, and collaboration will bring about the best results in everything we do.


Kelyne Noel is a Microbiologist, Fashion model, and Pageant queen who recently moved from Phoenix to Boston, MA.

When she's not posing for photos or on the runway, you'll find her working on my lifelong water disinfection project as Miss Cameroon Arizona 2018, dancing, or utilizing her Microbiology degree at work. She enjoys traveling, speaking her mind, and spending time with my friends and  family.

Kelyne is also a promoter, and fashion event coordinator. She enjoys working both in the background and the foreground of everything fashion related.

She absolutely loves showcasing other people's work whether it's on the runway, from a photo-shoot, or just as a muse.

Always looking to collaborate with other creatives,she's  very outspoken and open about her thoughts on social media. She is starting my blog, “Allons-Y” towards the end May, and will be discussing all things fashion industry related.

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