What Southern Hospitality Means to Me

 by Jessica Kilpatrick

When people who aren’t privileged to live in the south think of the south they probably think of one or more of these things; overt racism, college football, fried food and Southern Hospitality....

Southern Hospitality is perhaps one of the things I love most about living in the South. Regardless of where I am, it provides a warmth and sense of belonging like no other! 

Although this may  sound a bit weird, when I hear the term Southern Hospitality I think of two things; Ludacris and the greatness that is pound cake and sweet tea. If you know me you know that I love one of these things way more than the other. *wink*

You see, Southern Hospitality is really just a stereotype of southern people but I can appreciate when it’s true. I mentioned pound cake and sweet tea because FOOD is a major part element of Southern Hospitality!  When you visit someone’s house in the south they generally greet you with a warm smile, invite you in and offer you a glass of sweet tea or lemonade and whatever food they may have at their disposal. This is the standard! 

I'm aware that this is apparently doesn't happen everywhere. I’ve never been north of the Mason-Dixon (don’t judge me I’m working on that) so I’m almost positive I would experience culture shock and be offended at everything that has no remnants of southern culture.

Southern Hospitality is a part of my comfort zone. Knowing that when I’m out and about if I walk past someone and we happen to glance at each other my smile will most likely be returned and often with a hello. This happens regardless if we know each other.

Honestly, it  just gives me a warm feeling when people are genuinely nice. It’s just a way of life for me; it's familiarity, it's warmth, it's comfort, it's HOME. It’s politeness, good home cooking, kindness, helpfulness, charm and charity. As a southern black woman there are plenty of stereotypes about me and be hospitable is one stereotype I don’t mind perpetuating! 



Meet Jessica Kilpatrick

Jessica Kilpatrick or Jae, as she’s known to friends and family is a twenty-something self-proclaimed fatshionista from the miniscule town of Walhalla, SC. She is Human Resources/Public Service professional by trade with a Bachelor’s Degree from Clemson University and a Masters from Capella University, both in Human Resources.

She tries her hand at blogging from time to time but usually ends up reverting back to her hilariously quirky and shade filled Facebook posts that she’s best known for especially when pop culture commentary is involved.  She’s passionate about her faith and her family spending most Wednesday evenings at church mentoring and working with the youth. Navigating adulthood is hard but she tries her best to be an example and inspiration for those around her providing comedic relief along the way.