New Geechee

This platform is dedicated to all of my hard working Young Melanated Professionals!

Young Melanated Professionals= YMP

NEW. I have been blessed to have an array of NEW experiences that pushed me outside of my comfort zone, forcing me to grow, but I am nothing without my roots, which trace back to GEECHEE culture! 

"In order to know where you are going, you must know where you come from."  I am BLACK EXCELLENCE- and so are YOU! 

As a young melanted professional, you probably share in a similar experience. I challenge you to never forget where you come from and continue to seek new opportunities for growth. New Geechee. Let's Go!


Meet Keke

27 year young aspiring broadcast personality. Clemson University Management Graduate. Lady of Delta. Conversational soul searcher.  Down to Earth comedian. Compassionate go-getter!

Despite all of the negativity in society, YMPs ARE doing great things in the world and I want to keep the momentum going! It is my hope that the information presented through New Geechee will be the exact push you need to make all of your dreams a reality!