Ep34: Black Privilege w/ Darold "Cheeseburga" Bien-Aime, Broadcast Personality #CarolinaPride

"Opportunity comes to those who create it"  #MESSAGE Shoutout to Charlamagne tha God for crafting such an amazing book titled "Black Privilege". This autobiography is a glimpse into his life from childhood to now being one of the top radio host on nationally syndicated program The Breakfast Club! 

On this episode, Keke sits down with the YMP who encouraged her to read the book Darold Bien-Aime to talk about the impact this book has had on their pursuit of broadcast and taking life by the horns!  The conversation starts at 8:35. Topics covered include....

>What Black Privilege means to us

>Haitian American culture in New York vs African American culture in South Carolina

>Charlamagne's 8 Principles 

>Is Charlamagne's radio success the exception?

>How Hip Hop and literature changed our lives.....

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