Ep39: Everything's BIGGER in Dallas Texas #YMPsintheCity with Evander, Stephanie and Kentrell #YMPsintheCity

Ever thought about moving to Dallas? Heard about the poppin scene in Dallas and plan to visit? 

Dallas is definitely one of the top cities that #YMPs have their eyes set out on! Job opportunities, a popping YMP scene, and great cost of living make Dallas the gem that it is! On this first stop on the #YMPsintheCity Tour we talk with Evander Manning, Stephanie Brown and Kentrell Mosely who have taken their talents from South Carolina to Texas and are living the YMP dream!

We talk about everything from some of their first culture shocks, how safe they feel living in the 'Wild Wild West", and what the dating scene has been like in this large pool of YMPs. They also drop all of their favorites- favorite foods, favorite brunch spots, favorite churches and so much more!!!! 

If you want to know more, we highly suggest you listen to this episode! Its full of laughs and love as four college friends discuss their growth over the last few years! 

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Kentrell: @ktgonkt

Stephanie: @sweeet_steph_9

Congratulations to #YMPoftheWeek Therosia Reynolds! 

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