Ep57: The State of Black Economics w/ Bro. Ali Nervis of Archwood Exchange & Phoenix LOC

What does it look like to be a Phoenix activist in 2018? Are our communities doing all we can to progress the culture forward? We explore these questions and more with M. Ali Nervis, Co-Founder of Archwood Exchange, Phoenix’s monthly Buy Black Marketplace and the Economic Development Chair of the Phoenix Local Organizing Committee (LOC).

From the strange circumstances of his birth to the imprint of family and hospitality he gained from Alabama, Ali takes us through his childhood and the events that led him to serve the people through economics, hosting and leading numerous initiatives that have help build community and put black dollars in black businesses.

Ali shares his greatest influences and what he feels every activist must carry with them daily! Be sure to catch these breadcrumbs to see the world through Ali’s lens and his desire to save the people!

Visit www.phoenixloc.org to learn more about the economic initiatives that are boosting the community!

Visit the www.thephoenixloc.org to learn more about their work in the community!

Facebook: Archwood Exchange, Phoenix LOC

IG: @TheWakingGiant @ArchwoodExchange, @PhxLOC, @PhxCashMob

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