Ep15: Your Talents Mean Business w/ Vaughn Brathwaite of Organ Made Eady #8ShadesofMelanin

What happens when you’re the only student at Berklee College of Music who can assist your peers through hard courses? You start teaching lessons! When demand rose for his golden assistance, Vaughn Brathwaite also rose to the occasion and gave his clients what they needed most- an online course accessible for all levels of learning how to play the organ. His love affair with the Hammond organ and love for playing crazy chords fueled him to make a solid career out of his talents. OrganMadeEasy.com now serves thousands of students around the globe and has allowed him the freedom to live his life while still serving in the music ministry. The value of having tunnel vision and powerful mentors were key in Vaughn’s current success. Tune to this episode as Keke dives into the way Vaughn thinks so that you too, can accomplish every single goal you have set for your life!

Want to learn how to play the organ? Need to step up your crazy gospel chords? Be sure to visit www.OrganMadeEasy.com to learn more about the course and to score a free lesson! Don’t forget to follow Organ Made Easy on Facebook as well!

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