Ep 32: Know Money, No Problems w/ Steven M. Hughes of Know Money Inc. #CarolinaPride

Outreach. Transformation. Money. Meet Steven M. Hughes THE man behind one of South Carolina's fastest growing financial literacy nonprofits- Know Money Inc.! Hailing from the state's capitol of Columbia, SC, Steven is literally educating the state from the inside out! 

Every financial mistake a millennial could make in college, Steven made! Maxed out credit cards, reposessions, evictions- YOU NAME IT! But instead of staying a victim, he became a victor! As he began to improve his financial situation, others asked him how he accomplished his financial goals. From one on one conversations to large workshops, Steven grew his reach and began Know Money, Inc.

Know Money Inc. is in its third year and the organization has been blessed to grow its board and grow its reach globally, with Steven's invitation to the World Economic Forum in Geneva, Switzerland!  In this episode we talk about that experience, financial apps to help you with finances, Steven's evolution to "New Steve" and  why researching other non-profits is important! This episode is fun and informative with two college friends talking money! 

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