Guest feature on Mind Our (G)enius Podcast, Episode 3 & 4

Check out Keke's latest guest feature on the Mind Our (G)enius podcast! Indeed her favorite, most intimate, most transparent 'soliloquy' of her online life! Journey into this conversation where the G's get her to explain her genius! 

On this third installment of the Mind Our (G)enius Podcasts

Gaybrielle and Gibran sit down with their very first guest Keiona Eady. Getting acquainted  with the creator and mastermind behind New Geechee. The original YMP, Keiona shares stories of her childhood, and reveals just a little bit about what makes her so unique.

Join us as we discuss her evolution through entrepreneurship and a little bit about who the real "KeKe" is in part one of our time spent with everyone's bestie and resident hype man's hype man!



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