Ep47: ReEmpower Your Mind w/ Pierre Evans of ReEmpower, LLC.

"It's not about the cards you are dealt- but how you play them." Pierre Evans was counted out at a young age after dropping out of high school and succumbing to the harsh streets of Providence, Rhode Island. In today's episode, Pierre shares his journey from the streets to success, and teaches us how to maximize life's lessons to re-empower ourselves.

Not only was he was able to change his entire mindset about life's opportunities, but he graduated with his GED over 17 years later, built a solid six figure salary career and now is the full time CEO of ReEmpower, LLC. 

ReEmpower, LLC. takes the old you and helps you to create the new you! Pierre accounts all the lessons he learned in his book "They Counted Me Out", released in 2017. In year four of his pursuit to re-empower the world, he has been graced with mentorship from Eric Thomas and speaks all over the country to youth and those looking to dominate their lives! An episode that will change your entire mindset.

April 7th, 2018! PHOENIX, GRAB YOUR TICKETS NOW for the "Live to Dominate" Event at www.ltdaz.eventbrite.com

Connect with Pierre Evans and the ReEmpower "5th Quarter Living" Movement! 

Website: www.reempowerllc.com

Youtube: Pierre Evans

Facebook: 5th Quarter Living

Instagram: @Pierre5ql

Intro Music: "Geechie Low country" by American Foreign (Produced by ApolloTone)

Listen to his full album "7even 7ummers" on Apple Music, Tidal, Google Play, Spotify and more by searching AMERICAN FOREIGN.