Ep52: The Healing Journey w/ Sasha Simmons of SevenThirtyOne

YMP, imagine having it ALL and still feeling a void? For many millennials, having the perfect job, perfect friends and the 'perfect' life simply isn't enough when you have years of baggage that you need to unload. Today we talk about the HEALING process that many of us will need to embark on in order to live our best life! 

Meet Sasha Simmons, Chief Trooper and creator of SevenThirtyOne, "the platform where she talks about, address, and deal with all things related to emotional healing and emotional well being!" Sasha, a true Southern woman has lived an incredible life yet she takes this moment in time to share her role in her family, what it meant to be the first in her family to graduate college, creating her own life through speaking, and her health battle that caused her to stop speaking publicly for two years! 

Prepare to be inspired to to take your own healing journey to unpack and find yourself! 

Begin your healing journey with Sasha and the 731 movement at www.seventhirtyone.co

IG: @thesashasimmons

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