Guest feature on S.H.E Thought She Could So She Did Podcast, Episode 10

#TheYearofCollaboration is in full effect! So grateful for the opportunity to connect with the lovely @mstabithad_ on her latest #WomensHistoryMonth series! 
For some reason, my spirit has been churned to start REALLY sharing some of my deepest truths with the world because someone needs it, and I also need to be reminded of how far Ive come and where Im headed! This is a prime opportunity to get to know your favorite #YMP!
Not sure if Tabitha even knew that "Success is a journey, not a destination" has been my email signature since my humble days in college. Our worlds are completely aligned and I can NOT wait to see both us go farther than we've even imagined! 


Original Episode Notes:

Can you believe we have made it to EPISODE NUMBER TEN?? WHOA! From speaking in the mirror to voice memos to podcasting, I am elated for this space and to chat with you all. March is about to be magical with our wonderful resources and interviews.

In this episode, I get the opportunity to interview Ms. Keiona Eady. Keiona is a native of Cross, SC who realizes and acknowledges that “success is a journey, not a destination”. She indeed embodies ‘She Thought She Could, So She Did”. From a small-town with a population under 5,000 to Clemson University to Boston, MA to Arizona! Dive into this conversation with a fearless, innovative and awesome Young Melanated Professional (YMP). If you are in a transition phase of life, contemplating a move or drastic career change, want to launch your brand, blog or business . . . This conversation will motivate and inspire you to LEAP! Keiona drops some nuggets for trusting the process and being awesome while journeying through this thing call life!

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