Ep49: Living with your Mask OFF w/ Tabitha D. James of 1 Am S.H.E.

Faith. Service. Individuality.

These are the values that Tabitha D James aka Tiny Tab of Lakeview, SC has built her life on. Life hasn't been easy, and living with a mask to hide all of the things she endured in life was challenging... becoming her mother's caretaker at 12 years old, coping through college with substance abuse, and essentially being '10 people before 10'. However, she didn't allow what happened to define her but instead it pushed her to earn three degrees and build the 1 Am S.H.E. empire.

1 Am S.H.E started as a blog back in 2013 and has now evolved into a business dedicated to unifying greatness one survivor at a time! Tabitha takes us through the journey of her life and shows us that we have the power within us to be exactly who we want to be! 

Be a  SURVIVOR and conquer your life! Be sure to follow Tabitha on her journey to greatness and the 1 Am. She Movement! 

Website: www.1amshe.com

IG: @1AmShe // @mstabithad_

Facebook:  @1AmShe

Podcast: S.H.E. Thought S.H.E. Could