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Ep10:Positive Black Experiences through Hip Hop w/ Kool Dre #8ShadesofMelanin

You can’t celebrate Black History Month without celebrating black music! This YMP didn’t just want to rap, he desired to change the way hip hop culture presents black males. His music is full of positive vibes and after years of compressing his talent once his mom found his rhyme book, he is finally making his music dreams a reality and is taking his career to the next level! Tune as Keke chats with DeAndre Richburg, known as Kool Dre to talk about creating vibey music experiences, how he changed the game with dreads at Disney, how he loves Harriet Tubman and so much more! An episode full of good vibes and two childhood friends talking about their humble beginnings!

To catch the Kool vibes, be sure to visit www.kooldresway.com and check out his first music video “Errr-day”. Stay tuned for upcoming music projects, merchandise and more! Follow on IG @kool_dreSoundcloud as Kool Dre and Youtube as Andreas Fault

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