Ep61: You Are Stronger Than You Think w/ Kendra Tillman of StrongHer.Me

There is so much that women across generations can learn from one another! Episode 61 explores life lessons learned and the value of mentorship in adulthood!

Meet Kendra Tillman- a wife, mother of 3, author of ‘You Are Stronger Than You Think”, as well as founder of StrongHer.Me. Her life’s journey has taken her from Louisiana to Arizona and fulfill her life’s work! Her life’s work? To help women find balance in their lives. She has more than an decade of experience leading and empowering women of all ages!

In this episode we talk about how Kendra’s 20s were her foundation, the challenges of her 30s and the authenticity found in her 40s, what self care looks like as a mother, young love , marriage and entrepreneurship, and the assessments that helped her uncover her gifts that led her into her purpose! This episode is full of love, laughs and wisdom thanks to Kendra!

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Ep57: The State of Black Economics w/ Bro. Ali Nervis of Archwood Exchange & Phoenix LOC

Ep57: The State of Black Economics w/ Bro. Ali Nervis of Archwood Exchange & Phoenix LOC

From the strange circumstances of his birth to the imprint of family and hospitality he gained from Alabama, Ali takes us through his childhood and the events that led him to serve the people through economics, hosting and leading numerous initiatives that have help build community and put black dollars in black businesses.

Ep22: The Magic in Hello w/ Josie Jackson of Hello Silhouette #BlackGirlJuiceBox

Where fashion meets life....where southern meets the desert-- say hello to fashionista and Sheabassador Josie of Hello Silhouette blog! Just one year into her latest blog adventure, she has been recognized as a top blogger in the Phoenix area! Listen in to this beautiful episode with this beautiful guest as we talk about a bloggers busy life, how you can become a dynamic blogger and her latest achievement being selected as a Sheabassador for Shea Moisture! She is magical and you don't want to miss this episode!

For all things fashion and life, subscribe to the Hello Silhouette blog at Be sure to follow her on Instagram and Facebook @HelloSilhouette and start some conversation with her on twitter @Hell0_Silhouette!

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Ep19: Black Girls Brunch w/ Gaybrielle Gant of BlackGirlMagicPhx #BlackGirlJuiceBox

No-one can brunch like black girls can! The beautiful story of Black Girl Magic Phoenix begins with two young ladies each looking to start a movement of creating spaces where black women can organically create magic together! WE ARE BETTER TOGETHER! Gaybrielle Gant sits in the guest chair and talks about her love for Spelman College, her divine union with co-founder Deanna Reid to create BGMPhx, and how they have hosted multiple sold out brunch experiences "where strangers become sister-friends". This episode is full of MAGIC and you DO NOT WANT TO MISS IT! 

Be sure to follow @blackgirlmagicphx and @blackgirlsbrunch on Instagram to stay tuned for more events hosted by this dynamic duo! Their website, is full of great upcoming events, black girl features and dynamic blogs to keep your black girl magic cup full! 

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