Ep62: The Power to CREATE w/ Megan Nichole, PharmD of The LaziMILLENNIAL Movement


“EVERY SINGLE PERSON on this Earth, has the power to create”. This is the creative philosophy of the incredibly multi-passionate Blogger, Podcaster, Wife, Mother and Pharmacist Megan Nichole!

Megan Nichole, PharmD has mastered creating a life that allows her to use her creative passions while being profitable! She is the mastermind behind StockRose Creative and the creator and host of The LaziMILLENNIAL Movement!

Megan takes us on a fantastic voyage from her childhood dreams of becoming a doctor to her first six months of full time entrepreneurship! She shares her inspiration along the journey as well as all of her tips for service based entrepreneurs! Through all the years of questioning her path, codeswitching for the betterment of her community, and challenges in adulthood and entrepreneurship, Megan shows us how to rise to the occasion and get things DONE!

Megan’s #1 Tool for Productivity

Megan’s Creative Philosophy

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Ep38: T-I-M-E! Monday Motivation #ThePowerinStarting

Newsflash: Time is your MOST VALUABLE ASSET! What are you doing with your T- I- M- E?!  Here's a quick pep talk to get you inspired to do ONE thing today to help you reach your personal goals! Make sure your priorities are getting the right amount of T-I-M-E. 

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Ep31: Creating your FEARLESS life w/ Jasamine Hill of The Fear Hurdler #CarolinaPride


Meet Jasamine Hill, a 28 year young visionary hailing from the big city of Mauldin, SC! She is indeed the second coming of Oprah for millennials! 

"God! May you prepare my heart now for what you have for me next" is the mantra that has led Jasamine to this fearless season of her life. Jasamine's story begins with a long background in sports! After graduating with her Master's in Sports Administration, she landed her first career working for a major sports team! Long story short, she hates her job and gets fired. Completely humbled, she realized that she only pursued sports because that's what everyone else expected her to do. During her time of unemployment and silence from the world's noise, she learned what the love of God was for herself and with His instruction she started her first blog, The Fear Hurdler! 

The Fear Hurdler blog grew from just a lifestyle blog to a platform that inspires Millennials to live FEARLESS and how to navigate life’s obstacles in order to live out your WILDEST FULFILLING DREAMS! In close to two years, she has not only kept the blog alive with amazing content, but she has expanded to life coaching services, an online store full of fearless gear and an amazing podcast titled The Perfectly Imperfect Grind Podcast. As she continues to be bold and go after everything she wants out of life, she continues to build her brand and looks forward to becoming a published author by the end of this year! 

Jasamine's story is so inspiring because she doesn't hold back her truth! She opens up and talks about celibacy, how she lied and said she quit her job, how reading transformed her life and what she has learned about life through living fearless! You don't want to miss this episode to catch all of the great vibes that Jasamine provides! 

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