Ep12: Clothing for the Culture w/ Victor of BOSHOK Clothing Line #8ShadesofMelanin

Melanated people have always been stylish and love making statements with their fresh gear! For one college student, it was important that he was able to express his Nigerian culture and didn't see much that appealed to him. So after talking to his brother, he went home, made a few sketchs and six years later BOSHOK, Blood of Slaves Hearts of Kings is still thriving as one of the premiere clothing lines out of Arizona! Listen in as Keke speaks with Victor to find out about his entrepreneurial journey which started at young age selling Jolly Ranchers, how he started selling shirts out of his trunk, and all the highs and lows of starting your own business! This episode will remind you why wearing culturally inspired clothing will not only make you feel great but push you towards doing greater things in your life! 

Be sure to check out to grab some gear and join the #BOSHOKLife movement! Follow them on Instagram, Twitter, and  Facebook at @boshokclothing as well as Snapchat @BoshokLife! Don't forget to follow the BOSHOK Journey on Youtube @BoshokLife and watch the Building An Empire (BAE) series! Stay tuned for pop-up shops coming to a city near you! 

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