Guest feature on S.H.E Thought She Could So She Did Podcast, Episode 10

Guest feature on S.H.E Thought She Could So She Did Podcast, Episode 10

For some reason, my spirit has been churned to start REALLY sharing some of my deepest truths with the world because someone needs it, and I also need to be reminded of how far Ive come and where Im headed! This is a prime opportunity to get to know your favorite #YMP!

Ep 33: Walking in your Purpose w/ Chicquetta President, Motivational Speaker and Author of Pump Power

Transparency. Femininity. Purpose. Meet Chiquetta President, an amazing young woman all the way from the big city of Cross, South Carolina. From the days of her youth to today, she has been such "light and love". She is a motivational speaker and the author of "Pump Power" and "Sincerely, C.S. Presidential". 

"Blessed is she who believes that the Lord will fulfill his promises to her", is what has kept Chicquetta strong even throughout the most tragic time of her life. On January 1, 2011, she lost her only brother in a tragic car accident. Her world was shaken, but she wrote poems to help release her thoughts and deepest feelings. Her brother would inspire her in a dream to publish a book with her collection and "Sincerely, C.S. Presidential" was created and released on her brother's 30th birthday! 

She wouldn't stop there! Her desire to empower women globally led her to sit down and capture the  success stories of 21 women, which would become "Pump Power" . We are blessed to be able to get the keys that have allowed Chicquetta to be bold, stay in the pursuit of her purpose and how her mother has taught her the balance of womanhood! Tune in and listen as Keke talks to one of her role models and they talk about the wonders of being from Cross, South Carolina. 

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