Ep61: You Are Stronger Than You Think w/ Kendra Tillman of StrongHer.Me

There is so much that women across generations can learn from one another! Episode 61 explores life lessons learned and the value of mentorship in adulthood!

Meet Kendra Tillman- a wife, mother of 3, author of ‘You Are Stronger Than You Think”, as well as founder of StrongHer.Me. Her life’s journey has taken her from Louisiana to Arizona and fulfill her life’s work! Her life’s work? To help women find balance in their lives. She has more than an decade of experience leading and empowering women of all ages!

In this episode we talk about how Kendra’s 20s were her foundation, the challenges of her 30s and the authenticity found in her 40s, what self care looks like as a mother, young love , marriage and entrepreneurship, and the assessments that helped her uncover her gifts that led her into her purpose! This episode is full of love, laughs and wisdom thanks to Kendra!

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Ep23: Back to our Hair Roots w/ Candace Mitchell of Techturized, Inc. #BlackGirlJuiceBox

Who says you can't bring technology and hair care together? Meet Candace Mitchell who decided five years ago to leave her corporate job with Coca-Cola and pursue her vision of becoming an entrepreneur! She has the all the juice when it comes to developing innovative ideas and building successful business! Candace's story is one of challenge, triumph and truly a testament that we will never know what we can be if we don't stretch our capacity! She is the CEO and Co-Founder of Techturized, Inc. where the Myavana Hair Care services are changing the game for women all over the world! This journey has awarded Candace with honors such as Forbes 30 Under 30, Sephora Accelerate Program participant, BET's Next in Class STEM award and so much more! Don't believe me? Just take a listen to this dynamic interview, catch these gems and be corrected by the expert on the top 5 things you can do to care for you hair! 

Be sure to visit candacevictoria.com to learn more about Candace, purchase her ebook "The Shift" and book her for speaking engagements! To get back to your hair roots, be sure to connect with Myavana at myavana.com, and @myavanahaircare across all social media! 

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