Ep54: Trust the Process w/ Sylvia and Troybino of Style and Grace Podcast

Ep54: Trust the Process w/ Sylvia and Troybino of Style and Grace Podcast

Style and Grace Podcast is a weekly lifestyle local podcast committed to real conversations in the social media age!  They cover everything from the headlines to relationships to career advice and so much more! In this episode, we get the full story of how and why they started their platform and what is means for two Milwaukee natives to live and thrive in Arizona!

Ep45: The Charleston Report w/ KJ Kearney of CharlestonSticksTogether #BlackHistoryMonth

Ep45: The Charleston Report w/ KJ Kearney of CharlestonSticksTogether #BlackHistoryMonth

Has Charleston really changed or has it remained the same? Consider this your #BlackHistoryMonth lesson on gentrification, the transition of power across generations, Post Traumatic Slave Disorder and how Charleston is healing post the Emanuel AME church shooting.

Ep39: Everything's BIGGER in Dallas Texas #YMPsintheCity with Evander, Stephanie and Kentrell #YMPsintheCity

Ever thought about moving to Dallas? Heard about the poppin scene in Dallas and plan to visit? 

Dallas is definitely one of the top cities that #YMPs have their eyes set out on! Job opportunities, a popping YMP scene, and great cost of living make Dallas the gem that it is! On this first stop on the #YMPsintheCity Tour we talk with Evander Manning, Stephanie Brown and Kentrell Mosely who have taken their talents from South Carolina to Texas and are living the YMP dream!

We talk about everything from some of their first culture shocks, how safe they feel living in the 'Wild Wild West", and what the dating scene has been like in this large pool of YMPs. They also drop all of their favorites- favorite foods, favorite brunch spots, favorite churches and so much more!!!! 

If you want to know more, we highly suggest you listen to this episode! Its full of laughs and love as four college friends discuss their growth over the last few years! 

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Evander/ InFocus Photography @inf_photography

Kentrell: @ktgonkt

Stephanie: @sweeet_steph_9

Congratulations to #YMPoftheWeek Therosia Reynolds! 

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Ep22: The Magic in Hello w/ Josie Jackson of Hello Silhouette #BlackGirlJuiceBox

Where fashion meets life....where southern meets the desert-- say hello to fashionista and Sheabassador Josie of Hello Silhouette blog! Just one year into her latest blog adventure, she has been recognized as a top blogger in the Phoenix area! Listen in to this beautiful episode with this beautiful guest as we talk about a bloggers busy life, how you can become a dynamic blogger and her latest achievement being selected as a Sheabassador for Shea Moisture! She is magical and you don't want to miss this episode!

For all things fashion and life, subscribe to the Hello Silhouette blog at Be sure to follow her on Instagram and Facebook @HelloSilhouette and start some conversation with her on twitter @Hell0_Silhouette!

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