Ep28: Stretch Yourself to Learn Yourself #TheArtofBeingYourself

Thinking back over the last five years, are you growing as a YMP? Are you stretching yourself outside of your comfort zone to learn more about yourself? In this final episode of the miniseries #TheArtofBeingYourself, Keke discusses our need for evolution and reinvention. Hiking has allowed her to stretch herself and face her fears right in the face. From her adventures in Arizona, she has created "Lessons from Hiking" that every YMP should understand while on the journey of being the best person you can possible be! 

Intro Music: "Geechie Low country" by American Foreign (Produced by ApolloTone)

Listen to his full album "7even 7ummers" on Apple Music, Tidal, Google Play, Spotify and more by searching AMERICAN FOREIGN.

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Ep4: #BlackPeopleDontGoOutdoors w/ Ezedube Eze

In 2016, Keke declared an exciting year of travel and adventure! Learn how she leveled up with adventure enthusiast Ezedube Eze and how you can get your outdoors game up while seeing the world!

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Facebook: New Geechee

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