Ep61: You Are Stronger Than You Think w/ Kendra Tillman of StrongHer.Me

There is so much that women across generations can learn from one another! Episode 61 explores life lessons learned and the value of mentorship in adulthood!

Meet Kendra Tillman- a wife, mother of 3, author of ‘You Are Stronger Than You Think”, as well as founder of StrongHer.Me. Her life’s journey has taken her from Louisiana to Arizona and fulfill her life’s work! Her life’s work? To help women find balance in their lives. She has more than an decade of experience leading and empowering women of all ages!

In this episode we talk about how Kendra’s 20s were her foundation, the challenges of her 30s and the authenticity found in her 40s, what self care looks like as a mother, young love , marriage and entrepreneurship, and the assessments that helped her uncover her gifts that led her into her purpose! This episode is full of love, laughs and wisdom thanks to Kendra!

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Ep25: Black Mother Magic w/ Suma Hodge of The Licensed Mom #BlackGirlJuiceBox

Being a mother is not easy task---being a young melanated professional mother is even harder! Balancing your career, academic and social life while raising another human being is one act that deserves a round of applause. As a licensed therapist, Suma Hodge, MS LAC has been able to use her passion for counseling and experiences as a mother to bring The Licensed Mom blog as well as Mommy and Mimosa's Brunch event. She desires to help women transition through motherhood while never losing self identity! Take a listen as we talk about Suma's tough pregnancy, her tenacity to give her daughter her best life, and the influence her own mother has on her life! We even take the time to talk about mental health in the African American community and why we need to stop telling our loved ones to simply "pray about it". Definitely an episode to inspire you even if you are not a mother!!!!

Be sure to subscribe to The Licensed Mom blog at Check out her two featured pieces "Don't Shoot, I'm Grieving" and "Why Suffer in Silence" which were both featured in the Arizona Informant newspaper!

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