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12.1-12.14 the SELF CARE challenge with New Geechee & The Silent Me

Self care is an intentional act of self love but it can also be a challenge! 
The Silent Me (@the_silentme) and New Geechee (@newgeechee) link up again to bring you a 14 day challenge to help you live YOUR BEST LIFE and end 2017 with a clear mind, greater self awareness, and a new perspective on self care and your mental health! 💚

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Ep27: Embrace Your Akwardness #TheArtofBeingYourself

We all possess something we aren't so proud to share or which makes us seem "awkward". Truth is we should acknowledge those parts of ourselves because if we don't, who will? That's apart of #TheArtofBeingYourself!  It's time to get past the awkward things by embracing them and moving along. Check out this episode for a quick pep talk from Keke on some awkward moments!

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