Ep29: It is OKAY to NOT be Okay w/ Amara Sturkey of The Silent Me #CarolinaPride

Transparency. Support. Mental Health Awareness. Meet Amara Sturkey, a beautiful 24 year young woman representing the small town of Marion, South Carolina! At the tender age of 23, Amara lost her grandmother and her world completely took a spiral. After medically withdrawing from college and missing work, she knew that this problem was greater than a lack of grieving her recent loss. She was diagnosed with anxiety, depression and later Bipolar I disorder.

After suffering for months in silence, she was encouraged to tell her story and created The Silent Me, a non-profit organization that strives to raise awareness about mental health and help erase the negative stigmas associated with them. Since its creation just one year ago, Amara has spoken over 50 times at numerous events across SC, NC, and GA, and hosted the first annual The Silent Me Walk in Marion, SC during Mental Health Month (May 2017).  

Her transparency is REMARKABLE and there is so much that everyone can learn from this episode. Be sure to listen to this episode and share its gems with your loved ones who may be suffering or supporting someone suffering, and those who do not know what mental illness looks like. 

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